Cocoway Protein Vanilla Flavour


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Introducing chocolate Cocoway, the vegan, plant-based protein powder that will make you think you’re drinking a chocolate shake…

  • 27g Plant Based Protein.
  • 2g Natural Sugar.
  • Amino Acids – L-glutamine.
  • Psyllium Husk.
  • Ginger digestive enzymes.
  • Vegan Probiotic.
  • 100% vegan.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Perfect for a clean and healthy diet.
  • Low-carb, and great for keto dieters!
  • Rich in dietary fiber.
  • Coconuts are excellent for brain health, so boost your brain health with the power of Cocoway protein.
  • Supports a robust immune system.
  • Holds impressive antioxidant properties.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Free from: Dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, yeast, stevia, artificial colours, and flavours.

An ideal choice for vegans, vegetarians or those on a paleo diet. Perfect alternative to Whey Protein. Perfect protein supplement for pre and post-training.

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Introducing chocolate Cocoway, the vegan, plant-based protein powder that will make you think you’re drinking a chocolate shake.

Ready to nourish your body and take your protein shakes to the next level with a protein powder that’s actually good for your muscles and digestive system? Cocoway coconut protein is an excellent option that does an amazing job at providing your muscles with quality protein for growth and repair. Coconut happens to be rich in threonine, an amino acid that helps support the formation of collagen, the most abundant protein in the body. This amino acid also happens to be great for supporting post-workout recovery.

Gut Health Benefits

Cocoway also packs in l-glutamine, an amino acid, which may help decrease muscle soreness, and help the body recover after exercise. L-glutamine is also ideal for gut health as it can help support the gut lining, and protect against leaky gut, while also providing an energy source for immune cells to help keep us healthy.

Cocoway protein in our decadent chocolate flavour is derived purely from coconuts and is the first of its kind to be commercialised. With the added bonus of ginger digestive enzymes, probiotics, l-glutamine, and psyllium husk, Cocoway protein is the ideal option for anyone who has yet to find a protein powder that doesn’t upset their stomach.

With this simple yet complete protein formulation, chocolate Cocoway is naturally high in amino acids, making it the perfect protein supplement for pre and post-training, or for anyone looking to add more plant-based protein to their everyday diet.

More Information

Chocolate Cocoway will leave you feeling like you just had a sweet treat, but without the guilt. Cocoway is sweetened with monk fruit, a natural sweetener that won’t spike blood sugar. With only 2g of natural sugar, this coconut protein powder is proof that eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have your chocolate and eat it too.

Food Uses

You can add your Cocoway protein powder to smoothies, shakes, baked into your favorite paleo muffins, or coconut protein energy bites. Short on time? Mix it right into the water for a quick on the go protein shake option.

Chocolate lovers rejoice. Chocolate Cocoway is the protein powder that will be the answer to everything you want in your daily protein shake.

Additional information

Weight 1050 g


Serving Instructions 

Depending on your needs, mix 40g in 250ml of filtered water leave for a minute and shake, stir or blend until mixed through. Delicious in almond, soy or rice milk, coconut water and smoothies.


Cocoway Protein Vanilla Nutrition Table Coconut Protein (Protein from Coconut, Proprietory Blend), Coconut Milk Powder, Birch Xylitol (967), Natural Vanilla Flavouring, L-Glutamine, Psyllium Husk, Guar Gum, Monk Fruit (A1129), Ginger Enzymes, Vegan Probiotic (Bacillus Coagulans). 

Nutrition Table Cocoway Vanilla

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